Release v0.1.0-alpha

For the longest time, I pitched Three0 as a product that aims to minimize friction in the transition from Web2 to Web3, bringing the best of the decentralized internet to the convenience of modern products. After months of iteration, I now can proudly state that Three0 is much more than that - it is the only product to elevate consumers, developers, and enterprises to the latest iteration of the internet.

Web3 is the latest iteration of the internet that prioritizes users of the internet versus internet providers themselves. Security, accessibility, and integrity are core principles we at Three0 pride ourselves in being facilitators to a better web.

While Web3 was built to be the most inclusive iteration of the internet, the accessibility to develop on this technology, or rather the lack thereof, has left much to be desired by developers and consumers alike. Currently, the space is filled with big promises and minimal solutions to deliver on them, creating a sense of frustration of disappointment equally between those who claim to get it and those who don’t. Despite all this, for developers wanting to get involved with Web3 trusting in its primary mission, such a fluid and vastly changing space deters them. For enterprises who want to get involved in Web3, it’s a matter of finding the cream of the crop within a small pool of 18K Web3 “experts” out of a total set of 27M developers.

With the latest and greatest iteration of the internet having all the intentions of being the internet for the people but surprisingly lacking the technical support to do so, we at Three0 set out to reduce the barrier of entry into Web3 by providing familiar technology interfaces to the high-tech components of Web3 world 27M+ developers around the world.

My team and I are excited to announce the release of v0.1.0-alpha, the first stable release of Three0. The tools our software offers will allow seasoned and aspiring Web3 developers to build products and services that consumers want to use and are proud to use.

We currently offer authentication and database capabilities powered by the NEAR blockchain and OrbitDB. In the near future, we will scale to different networks and be truly blockchain agnostic so that every app and service built with Three0 will have the best suite of tools for its individual needs without compromise.

With much of the world still living and depending on centralized entities to be their service provider and a growing movement for technological independence by us the consumers, Three0 will be an entry point for developers to build exciting and innovative applications on Web3 focusing on delivering great products to end users ending the notion the fear that Web3 is only for the expert computer scientists who initiated the movement. We handle all of the technical Web3 components so that you only have to worry about orchestrating the pieces and delivering quality. That’s how Web3, the internet promised to put its users first, can actually become a day-to-day usable reality.

Say hello to our mascot (to-be-named) and say hello to Three0 - the world's first fully decentralized and most versatile backend-as-a-service. Check out our quickstart to get started!

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