Why Web3?

Published by Sree Grandhe on
Edge Compute Device (Laptop)
Web3 is a term coined to refer to a new iteration of the internet, in which users are promised a wealth of data control and ownership over their services. The associated decentralized technologies - blockchain networks, wallets, peer-to-peer technologies, etc. - have reduced the barrier to creati... Read More

Release v0.1.0-alpha

Published by the Three0 Team on
For the longest time, I pitched Three0 as a product that aims to minimize friction in the transition from Web2 to Web3, bringing the best of the decentralized internet to the convenience of modern products. After months of iteration, I now can proudly state that Three0 is much more than that - it... Read More

Will Web3 ever replace Web2?

Published by Sree Grandhe on
To put it simply? Yes. However, to explain why, let’s start with the latter.Web2 is the internet that we use today. The basis of Web2 is our dependence on centralized rule-making entities to provide infrastructures such as managed databases and elastic compute capabilities that enab... Read More
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